Vrindaa’s innovative kitchen based on completely Ayurveda, Ayurvedic cuisine is a philosophy of life and a healing method & it’s one of the most antique cuisine in the worlds near about 5000 years ago Literally Ayus means life, and & veda means knowledge. Ayurveda is a practical and simple life science, whose principles are universally applicable to the daily existence of every individual who seeks greater harmony, peace and longevity. Ayurvedic texts, based on the knowledge of the Vedas, affirm that all substances present in nature, when used in the right way, promote happiness, health and creative development.
Vrindaa is a 100% vegan fine dining restaurant, our creative kitchen light, very fresh, nutritious cuisine. Our menu is completely without onion, garlic, alcohol, mushrooms and eggs, we prepare each dish with love. The cuisine of Vrindaa uses only organic products and is natural with high quality.


Bomb Explosive 10 € V

(semolina flour, mashed potatoes, mango powder, lemon juice)

The Colored Clouds 12 € V

(3pcs bruschetta : three different flavors of Vrindaa lab cream with mustard, olive & peanut) 

Rugby Game 10 € V/GF

(supplì 2pcs: Buckwheat, vegetables with aromatic spices)

The Forbidden City € 10 V/GF

(Eggplant roasted with lime, mango powder, turmeric,  himalayan salt & vegan honey)

Shining Starts 14 € V/GF

(Basmati rice with seasonal vegetables, lightly spiced)

Full Moon 15 € V/GF

(Yellow lentil soup, flattened bar seed breadsticks, mildly aromatic spices & dried coconuts)

Rays Of The Sun 18 € V

(Ayurvedic Spaghetti : Chef’s Signature)

Walk In The Woods 18 € V

(Pasta with cream of basil, pine nuts, sweet potato toasted on the top with special Vrindaa lab sauce)

Taste Of The City 18 € V

(Carbonara pasta with smoked soya, toasted pistachio and special Vrindaa lab sauce)

Song Of Soul 17 € V

(Conchiglioni pasta, sautéed vegetables, coconut cream, aromatic spices)

Journey To Paradise 18 € V/GF

(Lightly sautéed vegetables with our special Crepes)

The Tunnel Of Love 16 € V

(chickpeas sautéed with baked croutons roll)

Hummingbird Feathers € 16 V
(White lentil balls and Vrindaa lab sauce)

Cocktails (100% non-alcoholic / natural)

Fountain of Happiness 10 € V / GF

(aloe vera, mango, passion fruit, ginger)

Energy of Nature 12 € V / GF

(cashews, dried grapes, honey, banana, rose water, nutmeg)

The Coconut Hills 12 € V / GF

(banana, coconut milk, almond, brown sugar)

The Joy of the World of Fruits 10 € V / GF

(seasonal fruit, ginger, mint, forest fruit cream, nuts)

Tiredness Refreshment € 12 V / GF

(peanuts, fruit, veganmilk, pistachio cream)

Flowers of God 12 € V / GF

(Seasonal fruit, pomegranate, seasoned with orange sauce)

The Wonders of the Green World € 14 V / GF

(Creative salad topped with fruit sauce and seeds)

The Magic of Vrindaa 15 € V / GF

(Mango, carrots, apple, topped with mustard, hazelnuts)

Green Planet 14 € V / GF

(Lettuce, green apple, toasted nuts, Vrindaa lab sauce)

10 Courses Surprising Menu 85€ Each

(the testing menu only available for each person not for sharing) 

We won’t tell you anything about our surprising menu which is combined by 10 different flavors, just sit enjoy the evening & have a fine dining experience with an innovative Ayurvedic touch 

Amour Rouge 8 €

(lamponi, barbabietola rossa, fette di arancia, pera, fiordaliso, petali di rosa, petali di girasole, mela verde, ibisco, datteri, aromi naturali)

Madama Butterfly 8 €
(karkadè, mirtilli, banana, cranberry, aromi)

Blue Coconut 8 €

(cocco in scaglie, ananas, butterfly pea e lavanda)

Sweet Cherry Pie 8 €
(ciliegia, mela, amarene, canella, zenzero)

Strawberry Lime forever 8 €

(fragola liofilizzata, scorza di lime, lemongrass, mela verde, uvetta passa, aromi)

Frutti Rossi della salute 8 €
(lampone, mirtillo, more e pepe nero)

Mango e Frutta della Passione 8 €

(mango, frutta della passione liofilizzata, albicocca, mela, ibisco, sambuco, petali di rosa, papaya, uvetta, aromi)

Vaniglia & Lemongrass 8 €
(lemongrass, mela, arancia vaniglia, rooibos verde)

Danza di Shiva 8 €

(frutti rossi, mela, karkadè, cocco, cranberry, kiwi)

Tisana Rilassante 8 €

(lavanda, tiglio, biancospino, menta peppermint, melissa)

Ayurveda Lemon Chai 8 €

(cassia, ananas, lemongrass, pepe rosa, cocco, lime, pepe nero, chiodi di garofano, canella, zenzero, cardamomo)
Infuso di frutti golosi 8 €

(mela, sambuco, ibisco, uvetta, papaia, rosa, ribes rosso, petali di girasole, uva spina fragola, ribes nero & mirtillo)
Cioccolato & Banana 8 €

(banana 51%, fave di cacao 15%, mango disidratato, papaya disidratata, pezzi di cioccolato, burro di cacao, massa di cacao, lecitina di soia, yogurt granulato, zucchero di canna, yogurt da latte disidratato. Acido citrico)

Tulsi Tea 8 €
(basilico sacro Indiano)

Yuzu Love 8 €

(yuzu, mela, more, ibisco, lamponi, ribes nero, aronia, bacche di goji, arancia, foglie di fragola)

Frutta Matta 8 €

(fragola, stevia, ananas, more, lemongrass, mela, rosa canina, Karkade, fichi, scorza di limone, aromi naturali)

Vrindaa un ristorante vegano/vegetariano, è una cucina leggera, freschissima,
nutriente. Il nostro menù è completamente senza cipolla, aglio, alcol e uova.
Noi prepariamo ogni piatto con amore. Il cucina di Vrindaa si utilizzano solo i prodotti biologici è naturale con alta qualità.

Wine Vegan/Organic Red Reserved 14.5 % vol
100 € bottle
25 € glass
Wine Vegan/Organic Red Dry 13.5 % vol
68 € bottle
17 € glass
Wine Vegan/Organic Red Furti Special 13 % vol
60 € bottle
15 € glass
Wine Vegan/Organic  Red without filter (fruit) 12.5 % vol
52 € bottle
13 € glass
Wine Vegan/Organic White Dry 13 % vol
68 € bottle
17 € glass
Wine Vegan/Organic White Fruti 12.5 % vol
52 € bottle
13 € glass
Wine Vegan/Organic White without filter (fruit) 12.5 % vol
52 € bottle
13 € glass
Wine Vegan/Organic White special 13 % vol
60 € bottle
15€ glass

Kiss in the heart 14€ (we everyday change our dessert so to know more explanations please ask to the waiter)

Via Salaria, 203, 00198 Roma RM, Italy

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