Bomb Explosive 9 € V

(semolina flour, mashed potatoes, mango powder, lemon juice)

The Colored Clouds 11 € V

(3pcs bruschetta : mustard / olive / peanut sauce, vegetables, toasted corn, green olives)

Volcano Mountain 6 € V/GF
(papadam: legume wafer, white lentils)  

Rugby Game 7 € V/GF

(supplì 2pcs: Buckwheat, vegetables with aromatic spices)

The Forbidden City € 10 V/GF

(Eggplant roasted with lime, mango powder, turmeric & himalayan salt)

Shining Starts 13 € V/GF

(Basmati rice with seasonal vegetables, lightly spiced)

Full Moon 14 € V/GF

(Yellow lentil soup, flattened bar seed breadsticks, mildly aromatic spices, pumpkin seeds)

Rays Of The Sun 17 € V

(Ayurvedic Spaghetti : Chef’s Signature)

Walk In The Woods 17 € V

(Pasta with cream of basil, pine nuts, sweet potato toasted on the top with special Vrindaa lab sauce)

Taste Of The City 17 € V

(Carbonara pasta with smoked soya, toasted pistachio and special Vrindaa lab sauce)

Song Of Soul 16 € V

(Conchiglioni pasta, sautéed vegetables, coconut cream, aromatic spices)

Vegan Kebab 18 € V/GF

(Our Kebab delicately seasoned with aromatic spices of cashew sauce flavor with fruit and vegetable salad)

Journey To Paradise 18 € V/GF

(Lightly sautéed vegetables with our special Crepes)

The Tunnel Of Love 16 € V

(chickpeas sautéed with baked croutons roll)

A Flight In The Clouds 15 € V/GF
( Mix vegetable fried, aromatic spices and a tomato sauce made in Vrindaa lab)

Hummingbird Feathers € 15 V
(White lentiballs and tomato sauce)

Cocktails (100% non-alcoholic / natural)

Fountain of Happiness 9 € V / GF

(aloe vera, mango, passion fruit, ginger)

Energy of Nature 9 € V / GF

(cashews, dried grapes, honey, banana, rose water, nutmeg)

The Coconut Hills 9 € V / GF

(banana, coconut milk, almond, brown sugar)

The Joy of the World of Fruits 9 € V / GF

(seasonal fruit, ginger, mint, forest fruit cream, nuts)

Tiredness Refreshment € 9 V / GF

(peanuts, fruit, veganmilk, pistachio cream)

Flowers of God 12 € V / GF

(Seasonal fruit, pomegranate, seasoned with orange sauce)

The Wonders of the Green World € 13 V / GF

(Creative salad topped with fruit sauce and seeds)

The Magic of Vrindaa 14 € V / GF

(Mango, carrots, apple, topped with mustard, hazelnuts)

Green Planet 12 € V / GF

(Lettuce, green apple, toasted nuts, Vrindaa lab sauce)

Testing Menu Dinner 65 Euro ( 10 Courses Minimum 2)

Every Dinner Is a Different State Of Mind
Welcome Aperifts

Papadam (legume wafer) V / GF

Bruschetta (mustard sauce, sweet corn, green olives, red cabbage) V

Explosive Bombs (semolina flour, mashed potatoes with fresh coriander sheet, lemon juice, mango powder) V / GF

First course : love for nature

Full Moon (Yellow lentil soup, slightly aromatic spices) V / GF

Stelle Splendenti (Basmati rice, seasonal vegetables, slightly spiced) V / GF

Second course : magical dishes (cuisine of peace)

Vegan Kebab (Smoked soya with mix vegetables, aromatic spices, cashew sauce) V / GF

Tree branches (Mix of vegetables in batter with chickpea flour, flattened rice, Vrindaa lab sauce) V /GF

Piumi di Colibrì (white lentils balls with legumes, tomato sauce) V / GF

Salad: Green Planet (The magic of Vrindaa)

( mango, carrot, green cabbage, apple & special vrindaa lab sauce) V/GF

Sweet – kiss in the heart

Taste of dreams ( chefs choice) V

Amour Rouge 6 €

(lamponi, barbabietola rossa, fette di arancia, pera, fiordaliso, petali di rosa, petali di girasole, mela verde, ibisco, datteri, aromi naturali)

Madama Butterfly 6 €
(karkadè, mirtilli, banana, cranberry, aromi)

Blue Coconut 6 €

(cocco in scaglie, ananas, butterfly pea e lavanda)

Sweet Cherry Pie 6 €
(ciliegia, mela, amarene, canella, zenzero)

Strawberry Lime forever 6 €

(fragola liofilizzata, scorza di lime, lemongrass, mela verde, uvetta passa, aromi)

Frutti Rossi della salute 6 €
(lampone, mirtillo, more e pepe nero)

Mango e Frutta della Passione 6 €

(mango, frutta della passione liofilizzata, albicocca, mela, ibisco, sambuco, petali di rosa, papaya, uvetta, aromi)

Vaniglia & Lemongrass 6 €
(lemongrass, mela, arancia vaniglia, rooibos verde)

Danza di Shiva 6 €

(frutti rossi, mela, karkadè, cocco, cranberry, kiwi)

Tisana Rilassante 6 €

(lavanda, tiglio, biancospino, menta peppermint, melissa)

Ayurveda Lemon Chai 6 €

(cassia, ananas, lemongrass, pepe rosa, cocco, lime, pepe nero, chiodi di garofano, canella, zenzero, cardamomo)
Infuso di frutti golosi 6 €

(mela, sambuco, ibisco, uvetta, papaia, rosa, ribes rosso, petali di girasole, uva spina fragola, ribes nero & mirtillo)
Cioccolato & Banana 6 €

(banana 51%, fave di cacao 15%, mango disidratato, papaya disidratata, pezzi di cioccolato, burro di cacao, massa di cacao, lecitina di soia, yogurt granulato, zucchero di canna, yogurt da latte disidratato. Acido citrico)

Tulsi Tea 6 €
(basilico sacro Indiano)

Yuzu Love 6 €

(yuzu, mela, more, ibisco, lamponi, ribes nero, aronia, bacche di goji, arancia, foglie di fragola)

Frutta Matta 6 €

(fragola, stevia, ananas, more, lemongrass, mela, rosa canina, Karkade, fichi, scorza di limone, aromi naturali)

Vrindaa un ristorante vegano/vegetariano, è una cucina leggera, freschissima,
nutriente. Il nostro menù è completamente senza cipolla, aglio, alcol e uova.
Noi prepariamo ogni piatto con amore. Il cucina di Vrindaa si utilizzano solo i prodotti biologici è naturale con alta qualità.

Wine Vegan/Organic Red Reserved 14.5 % vol
80 € bottle
20 € glass
Wine Vegan/Organic Red Dry 13.5 % vol
60 € bottle
15 € glass
Wine Vegan/Organic Red Furti 13 % vol
52 € bottle
13 € glass
Wine Vegan/Organic without filter (fruit) 12.5 % vol
48 € bottle
12 € glass
Wine Vegan/Organic White Dry 13 % vol
60 € bottle
15 € glass
Wine Vegan/Organic White Fruti 12.5 % vol
48 € bottle
12 € glass
Wine Vegan/Organic White without filter (fruit) 12.5 % vol
48 € bottle
12 € glass
Wine Vegan/Organic White special 12.5 % vol
52 € bottle
13€ glass

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